Q. Is ALL required as part of the CPA license application process?
A. No. Each state provides information about licensing on its website. However, ALL provides a convenient method for researching the requirements for CPA licensing for all states. It streamlines the process for applying for a CPA license or firm registration by including easy to understand step-by-step procedures and providing fill-in PDF forms. Using ALL helps expedite the licensing process by helping you prepare an application package that is complete and thorough.

Q. Does the 1-Day Unlimited Research Subscription give me access to all the state details for one day?
A. No. The 1-Day Unlimited Research Subscription includes 24-hour access to the ALL Research Tool only. State details are accessed by purchasing an ALL State Subscription.

Q. How is the content in ALL kept current?
A.  In an effort to ensure that ALL is up-to-date at all times, given the ever-changing regulatory environment, NASBA engages the following steps to assure complete, current and accurate content:

  • We have staff dedicated to constantly monitoring the state board web sites for changes in regulations, pricing, and forms.

  • We utilize a specialized web tracking software that automatically monitors and alerts us when State Boards have made changes to the content of their web sites.

  • State Boards are contacted directly on a quarterly basis to inquire about any regulatory changes that may not have been published and any changes that are being proposed so that we may monitor their progress.

  • NASBA is in a unique position in that we have very close relationships with all of the State Boards and they regularly notify us of upcoming regulatory changes. Many of our staff members are personally involved in accounting task force committees that include State Board members, providing insight into the regulation of the CPA profession nationwide.

  • All regulatory and procedural changes are verified with State Boards directly and reviewed by our legal department to ensure the content is complete and accurate before it is updated or added to the Accounting Licensing Library.

We have developed a rigorous process that results in the monitoring and updating of the ALL content in on a daily basis. We are committed to ensuring all content is current and accurate and you can rely on ALL as a trusted resource.

Q. Does the $45 subscription give me access to the information for all states?
A. No. The 3-month, $45 subscription is for one state’s content only.

Q. Is it possible to get access to the information for all states?
A. Yes. Please see the Pricing page for details.

Q. Does the ALL Research Tool guarantee I will qualify for the exam or a CPA license in certain states?
A.  No. The ALL Research Tool is designed to give CPA Exam and license candidates a quick and easy method for narrowing the states in which they will most likely qualify. The criteria available for query are intended to be at a high-level. It is recommended that you use the ALL State Subscription review the particular state board rules and regulations of those states you identify as most closely matching your qualifications profile based on search results of the ALL Research Tool. 

Q. Can I be assured that my CPA license or firm registration application will be approved if I follow the procedures outlined in ALL?
A. No. ALL offers guidance and instructions for properly completing and preparing application packages. Only State Boards of Accountancy can offer final approvals of CPA license and firm registration applications. However, applications received using ALL’s assistance tend to be more thoroughly completed, which helps expedite the licensing process.