Given the ever-changing regulatory environment and the recent adoption of mobility legislation in most states, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain up-to-date on the licensing and registration laws rules for individual CPAs and public accounting firms.

As the representative of state boards, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) offers the Accountancy Licensing Library (ALL) as a central resource to simplify and explain the CPA license and firm registration process across all states for firms and their professionals.

ALL is a valuable resource that contains comprehensive and accurate information for the different types of CPA licenses (initial, reciprocal, mobility/practice privilege and firm registration). Basic CPE requirement information is also included for each state, as well as steps to properly relinquish a license.

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  • A great resource that assists with initial and reciprocal licenses, firm registration and mobility/practice privilege
  • Provides all of the information and forms you need in one convenient location online

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“[Having the] right set of documentation and procedures helped speed up the CPA licensing process [for me].”

Venkat, Ontario, Canada

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